About Me!

I am amicably divorced with one son (who thank-heavens recently left home). Some people are not born mothers and some of us are ideally suited to that role –I am very much a part of the former group!

I love my son but mothering, as such, is just not my thing. I probably should never have been a mother at all if the truth be known but I became one, so I am.

I am much more a friend to my son than his mother. We get on as friends now much better than we ever did as just son and mum! I am one of those women who is basically just not suited to being a Mum if I am completely honest.

Why? Well I like a certain amount of private time, my own space and dislike dashing around everywhere as someone’s taxi service. I am not a feminist but I treasure doing my own thing – that is the way I am built and don’t apologise for it. At least I am honest about it!

The truth of this matter is that I never ever wanted kids. Simply didn’t have that maternal urge, never had a day dream about decorating the baby’s room – am certainly not enamoured of that baby smell either.

I have always treasured taking care of my pets – but as for babies and toddlers, it takes more patience than I have ever had.

Okay a number of great Mums may start out this way, ie not wanting their children, not having the patience to learn how to care for them. BUT I have stayed that way

Caring for children is never a job I either applied for, or wanted!I love my son but and he knows it but as an individual person – he is fascinating as a friend.

Trying to be completely upfront and honest about my feelings – I genuinely believe not enough people are these days.

As for hobbies, well I am a great believer in the influence of ‘colour’ in our lives – ie what a particular colour can do for you to uplift you or depress you. I love going to the cinema (often with my son) or the theatre.

Was born in Wales but now live between London and Brighton – best of both worlds I think.