Colouring For Me!

I have very strong views about colour and the importance of us wearing colours that harmonise with our personal complexions. When we wear colours that don’t harmonise our faces run the distinct risk of disappearing – our clothes can dominate – our personalities are lost!

Don’t believe me? Well do your own exploring and you will find that what I say is quite true.

I often used to feel my clothes were wearing me – so I took a look at what I could do about that and found that by developing my own personal colour palette I could easily make and buy clothes that, simply said, made me feel attractive, confident and sometimes – even beautiful!

Colour becomes a vital part of your personality, allowing you to find and even craft outfits that become a more accurate echo of you, your exclusive style and features.

If you are like I was – ie never feeling vibrant, feeling somewhat disconnected and trapped by current fashion trends – its probably, or largely, the colours and colourings you are utilising OR to be more accurate feel you need to wear to be fashionable. Don’t dismiss this suggestion too quickly.

The difference is when you wear your own unique colours, you feel better, you feel relaxed – try it. When you have a strong sense of your own colours (which are not necessarily the colours you got into the habit of wearing for yours) and they are the ones you stick too you tend to not get so trapped by trends.

Strangely enough, discovering my own personal colour palette has distinctly boosted my creative ability. One reason being that when you work within the limits of that colour palette, you are forced to look for more novel and different solutions.

No kidding, you will find it a rather unique challenge, even very challenging at times but you will start to look forward to each experiment, to each encounter with the question “what will I do to employ my colour palette this time?”

You don’t need to go to a colour clinic (a little too expensive for my liking) but you can if you are not confident enough to develop the process yourself.

Instead, maybe utilise a paint matching app, some free paint chips (easily grabbed from a home improvement shop), and some of the many online resources out there and do your own investigating and testing.

Yes, it will take time, some fiddling around and you will need to refine your colours with time – BUT this way of doing things not only builds your confidence but, you will find, gives you a sound and solid base to build on and from!