It is About Feelings – Mainly!

I feel so very very sad – sad that a vote, even though it is a very important one, has resulted in the death of a young mother of two – Jo Cox. The fact that two little girls of 3 and 5 will never really know their mother does break my heart.

Why oh way do some people have to take their feelings and convictions to such extremes?

Facts and figures do matter but many things connected with politics have usually been much more about feelings and emotions than just plain old statistics.

Was the alleged killer mentally deranged or not – or is he an anti-immigration extremist as others claim? Only time will reveal the full story.

How are people supposed to decide fairly ie without the so called “truths” spoken by politicians on both sides of the Brexit argument? Our decisions are susceptible connected to so many misleading statements unfortunately so how on earth do we decide? How can anyone make an unemotional decision now after the horrific events of the past week anyway?

Are we able to truly control our own borders if Britain stays in the EU? So many differing claims, I, for one, just don’t know. On the other side of the argument one of the big claims is that there are as many as three million jobs linked to the EU for Britain – is that true? Most probably a big exaggeration at the very least.

And when we look at the sovereignty side of the argument I just don’t follow that either – it just cannot be easily explained – it does make me, for one, feel very insecure, leaving me with a rather unpleasant feeling of lack of control.

Ultimately, how much control we wish for over our own destinies, our own country is a matter just as much for our hearts as our heads – if not more important.

I personally believe our desire for reasserting control is going to be the deciding factor in the outcome of the vote.

Whatever the decision, I just cannot get past the loss to our country of a young mother and activist of Jo Cox’s calibre – whatever your political leanings.