Just Move On!

If you are whinging about something or someone!

STOP. Move On. There is no such thing as a perfect world – neither things nor people go just as we would wish no matter how much we hope, cross our fingers or dramatise.

Yep, whatever it is, be it you are still hung up on the actual Brexit vote, what certain politicians have done (or not done), something that occurred between you and your family, your partner or children – DON’T get totally hung up on it.

Why? Well simply put, as I have found personally, rarely is getting hung up, on something or someone, good for you whether it be emotionally, mentally or physically.

Hanging on, getting caught up on the resentment and anger can end up infiltrating all aspects of our lives – whether they are related, or not, to the original subject!

Learn to forgive people (for your own betterment). Of course that doesn’t notk that necessarily mean that you need to forget what has happened, that you necessarily condone whatever it was – no not at all. But don’t let it fester either.

Learn the advantages of choosing to release the feelings of bitterness that flows from anger, unhappiness and resentment.

I found out the hard way that holding grudges hurts me more than it ever hurts the other person – so what on earth is the point?

How did I personally come to realise this – to think this way? Simply asked myself the straight question of; “Is feeling and acting this way helping me?” Of course 99 times out of a hundred the answer would have to be a resounding NO!

Let’s face it (I have) it is easier to see the negative side of things, than the positive side. Often we need to really gives the situation some serious thought!

The best, and most helpful, thing to do, whatever the situation, is not to make those sweeping generalizations that so many people make. It is all too easy to take the negative view (especially it doesn’t involve putting real positive effort into changing things).

I don’t want to preach (hate that in people) but one easy way to move on is to replace any negative emotions with positive opposite emotions. Start a new experience – it works for me – but only if I make the effort. Good luck.