Living Alone – and Loving It!

Cannot help but write more about living alone – not only coping with it BUT LOVING IT too! Because too right I do – love it that is.

Being single and having my own pad now (all to myself now that my son has flown the nest) I feel really truly liberated for the first time in years! I can see (after visiting several single friends) that all too easily your single home can very quickly become very cluttered.

Therefore, in an attempt to avoid becoming overwhelmed (or buried) by disorder and chaos, I have come up with some guidelines for living alone successfully!

While I was thinking about things, I came across some fun helpful advice online, including The 10 Commandments of Living Alone & Loving It, which has helped me to narrow ideas a little. You are bound to pick up one or two ideas from them.

  • One of the first points I came up with, which appears very obvious (but most of us don’t do I bet) is to maintain a tidy and manageable fridge and pantry. Don’t keep buying things (thinking they might make a tasty or easy meal for one or two) and stuffing them in cupboards, or the fridge! Let’s face it, all too often things we singletons buy are thrown out because we don’t use them in time.
  • Secondly, decorate or redecorate in the colours you love or want, be bold. If you love certain objects too, bring them into your new single space. After all if you don’t do so now, you never will. Who else is there to critique you – apart from you? You want to start collecting Teddy Bears – do so – as many as you want. Forget the past – you are free to do your own thing now! After all whose home is it?
  • If you want to entertain you can do so now (as a singleton) unhindered – however and whenever you feel in the mood. But – if you don’t feel like having people around, if you don’t want to entertain – well now you don’t have to! You only have yourself to please after all.
  • Treat yourself – in any way you wish. Now you don’t have to worry at all about what a partner, child, etc etc does think – its all about you.

Living alone, as any person will realise is definitely a double-edged sword though – and naturally therefore there are drawbacks as well as advantages.

Some of advantages I have mentioned above, including the ability to decorate exactly how you want to – you don’t need to take anyone else into consideration.

You have time and space for everything you want to do when you can find time to do them. If you are a reader, now you are living alone the interruptions are much less.

But probably even more to my liking is that I can eat what I want when I want without commentary, or input, from someone else!

As for the disadvantages, well;

  • Of course one of the disadvantages is that we all can (no matter how independent) get lonely at times.
  • We singletons have the sole responsibility for paying all the day-to-day bills.
  • Security – how secure do you feel and also in reality, how secure are we?
  • The onus is on you, and you alone, for all the chores around your home!.

I suppose it comes down too, to a certain extent anyway, what your preferences, requirements and capabilities (including economic of course) are?