Living Alone

Who am I to disagree with that great Roman Emperor and Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius – who actually insisted that human beings are social animals? Well I do!

Maybe they were much more in need (of each other) at one time but increasingly people in our society, in countries all around the world, are electing to embrace a living alone lifestyle!

No doubt this will appear strange to some, or even many. There are even collections of people in communities that view singletons with a heavily jaundiced eye. The fact that someone actively wants to live alone, can stigmatize them!

Today societies are increasingly embracing The Cult of The Individual – in other words many more people are now turning increasingly towards a much more free thinking and free doing attitude.

They are placing a higher value on their privacy and solitude. And are placing that above traditional family and society relationships.

Terming the change as a type of Cult of the Individual simply means a society that concentrates and revolves much more on “I”, “Me” and My” wants, desires, needs etc than the ‘Us’ and the ‘Family’.

Don’t think you are anything like that – test yourself then. How many times do you use the word “MY” when referring to the following?

  • Career
  • Happiness
  • Image
  • Status, or
  • Success

Be honest now. Feel bad? You should not necessarily because the above mentioned cult is not necessarily bad at all.

Because there are a number of benefits we can all gain from a period of living alone. It gives us space to breathe, to think, and to discover what can really make us happy and a whole complete person. And that cannot help but assist us if we go into close personal relationships later on.