To Panic – OR – Not to Panic. That is the Question

But what should the Answer and Reality be?

What a sad and stressful (to say the very least) few days we have all had with the BREXIT situation.

I can’t help but wonder too why so many people (including the Lord Mayor of London) are placing so much emphasis on repeating over and over the message not to panic? Maybe it is a backhand way of messaging “well maybe you should panic!”

Friends tell me not to over-think so much, but am I?

You may think that Britain would have been better off with the EU but then many other people think, given some time, that we will be better off – that leaving will be the making of us.

Time will tell but I am hopeful of the latter.

I have a lot of admiration for David Cameron, we were lucky to have him for those six years and cannot help but think what a shame his political career ended on such a low.

But then again he is certainly young enough to start over.

Maybe we should take all this angst, stress etc regarding Brexit and the EU, as an opportunity to learn how to cope with panic, stress and angst better than most of us usually do?

After all, as a friend of mine often claims, if you can laugh at the sh**tiest times of your laugh you can conquer just about anything.

Well maybe not always laugh – but at least cope with a smile (or without a grimace) anyway?